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Christ’s Election Promises: A new world government

We’ve recently had a general election in the UK. Did you vote ? Are you happy with the promises that were made by the candidates ?

There are a number of factors that can be taken into account when decide who to vote for. Perhaps it’s because they promised you a big improvement in your finances? Or to lower you taxes or increase your benefits, or better health services? Did they promise you absolute security, or to solve your housing needs at a stroke? These are the kinds of promises we get, but will they happen ?

It’s really not so simple, is it ? Whoever governs, there is never enough money shared to solve everyone’s needs. Everything seems to be so complicated, and there are no easy answers. Your own needs and expectations seem to get lost in a much bigger set of decisions, which you perhaps do not agree with. Every problem seems now to become a ‘global’ problem, affecting many nations in the world in one way or another. If the answer locked up in issues of cost, or environmental impact, or loss of living standards in richer countries, or power versus peace, then it is simply never going to come right.

Perhaps we expect too much from those who like to be in power. Expecting them to be there to do our wishes rather than those of the rich and powerful groups that put them in power may be too much to hope for. So how will things ever change for the good, if no-one is elected to do things right ?

The Bible, God’s living message to all of us, tells us something startling – to pray for those placed in authority over us today, but to look forward to a completely different type of ‘government’ – a worldwide leadership of fairness, equality and selfless service which will bring justice to everyone in God’s good time.

You’ve got to marvel at the wisdom and ability of anyone who could lead such a ‘government’ – and make wise and far-seeing decisions to benefit the whole world. How would they be elected? The Bible tells us – this will not come by any election process, but by the power of God. Read Isaiah chapter 11 v 1 to 5 ! It’s a promised new kingdom – the Kingdom of God. And we are told who its leader will be – Jesus Christ, the son of God.

And those of us who believe this and who desperately want that Kingdom of justice and fairness and peace – we vote to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the Kingdom that He will establish in the earth. There peace and harmony will come at last, and every real need will be met !

Thoughts of a Bible Reader.