The Bible

Did you know that there are 39 different books in the Old Testament of the Bible and 27 different books in the New Testament?  Each book is broken down into chapters so it’s easy to pick up and read, just like other books.  There are also a number of different versions, so there will be one with a style of language to suit you. Study Bibles, Bible Dictionaries and Concordances can also provide you with commentaries, explanations and references to help you understand the passage you are reading.

Here are some tips for getting more out of reading your Bible:

  • Make time – set time aside when it will be easy for you to concentrate.  Read it with a prepared heart.
  • Plan your reading – reading a little each day is much better than reading a lot in one day.
  • Pray – before you read, ask God to help you understand His Word.
  • Read the context of the passage and ask questions – what is this about?  Who is the main character?  What lessons are there for me?
  • Read everything that the Bible says on a subject – a partial view may be inaccurate.  Reading just one verse or passage may not give you the whole message.  One verse can only teach you what another verse will allow it.

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